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What To Do At Home After Floods Ravage It

When the rains come, we celebrate. But when the floods hit your home, you wish it was never there. The morning after a flash flood can be distressing. If one portion or even if one of your rooms got damaged in floods, you should take care. Let us go through the damage control process systematically.

Supervise the Area 

Check the home, inside out, for the floodwaters, and look for openings from where the water has come in. If the water is still coming in, try to block the area. Avoid any wire at this point and do a rough check.

Turn off the Power 

Unplug safely by using a wooden stick to ensure the wires are out of harm’s way. Also, remove all the appliances like mixers and dryers or washers from the affected room. Do not worry about them, though. Many devices like the best electric kettle India are readily available online at a great deal.

Take Snaps of the Damage 

If you have insurance for your home, take these snaps. The insurance company may want to check the evidence and of the damage. Do not forget to list out the damage individually.

Take all Crucial Documents 

Find yourself a plastic or polythene bag and place all the dry documents safely. If possible, keep them at a higher level or in a safer place. If you can dry any other documents, spread them and get them to do so. Also, dry cash and bags, among other valuables elsewhere.

Floor and Walls 

Start by removing the rugs and carpets. If they are installed, then you can do nothing. You may also remove all lampshades and couches. There are special companies that can restore the place well. You may call them, and they shall handle the entire process while keeping the insurance factor in mind.

Now, remember that floods can damage wooden walls though it might not leave any signs visibly. It might cause mold and bacterial or fungal formation to happen inside the drywall. It is advisable to remove flooded drywall. If there is any mud formation on the walls or floors, wash them. Use fans to dry the place.

Check Floors and Wall Paper 

These damages go deep within the wallpapers. It is also better to check the subfloors and any plywood flooring for damage. Wooden floors or walls may swell, and so you have to call the experts to remove them.

Check for Damaged Electricals 

Now, you may find that your kitchen appliances are all beyond repair. It means you will need to invest in them too. However, it is better to go for the top mixer grinder, replacing ovens and others if they have become damaged beyond repair.

These are the essential first steps that you may need to take when floods ravage your home.

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