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Three Tips In Making Your Kitchen Party-Ready

The weather is getting colder, holiday decorations are displayed in establishments, shops are selling for decorations, and Christmas-themed music is played in speakers. Indeed, the holiday season is right around the corner. To prepare for the most beautiful time of the year, people are busy with their home renovations like kitchen cabinets refacing Dana Point and putting up decorations.

However, unlike most parts of the houses, the kitchen area lacks holiday spirit. The focus is mostly on living rooms, halls, staircases, and yards. To help you get your foot forward in having a festive kitchen for the season, we’ve gathered tips in designing your very own kitchen countertop.

Stick to a simple palette

The holidays have several colored themes like forest green, classic red, winery blue, silver, and gold. Adhere to at least two colors that will complement the aesthetic of your kitchen and countertop. Remember to add decors around the countertop and the backsplash as well.

Install a tall glass vessel and long branches

If you have a large kitchen and spacious center island, this tip is for you. Add drama to the area by putting up a tall glass as a centerpiece and white birch branches to the sides. To make it more festive, you can pop a little greenery, sparkles, and lights too.

Turn your dinnerware into the decor.

Who says you need to spend a lot in designing when you can turn your basic kitchen staples into holiday decorations? If you have open shelves, consider displaying your Christmas-themed mugs, plates, rugs, and dishtowels, or add a hint of greenery to your dinnerware.

Add festive lighting

A renewed look after a kitchen cabinet refacing Fountain Valley will provide wonders nut having a chic and decorated kitchen area isn’t enough to instil the holiday spirit. After setting up all the ornaments, there’s one thing you still need to do: add festive lights. The overall decoration won’t be complete without the bright and colorful lights. You can put them on the sides of the cabinets or under the countertop for a joyful vibe.

For more tips and tricks concerning countertop holiday designing, visit this infographic provided by Kitchen Cabinet Refacing.

Remember to rely on a trusted professional who can guide you in your kitchen remodeling needs like KCR. Kitchen Cabinet Refacing is the web’s most complete consumer resource guide on cabinet refacing. For more information, visit our website at kitchencabinetrefacing.com.

Tips on Decorating Your Kitchen Countertop during Holidays

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