A good night’s sleep is essential to one’s well being. One of the things that play a key role in getting a night of good sleep is the mattress. When you sleep on an Extra Firm Mattress Canada, the bones absorb most of the pressure. This helps to relax your muscles and improve the circulation in your body. If you suffer from backaches, then sleeping on your lower back on a firm mattress can really be helpful. When you can get enough sleep, you can function to your fullest. Your body can recover properly from the hectic day. When you are choosing your mattress, you know you need to be mindful. While you are out buying the mattress, you might find yourself daunted by the choices that are there. We are listing down some of the extra firm mattresses which are a great option.


Addison Mattress

The Addison Mattress has been designed by the Sleep In mattress. This mattress is made of a 1322 tri-zone pocket coil. These coils help to prevent any motion from transferring through the bed. The Addison Mattress is made by infusing 3-inch medium-firm foam, gel memory 2-inch high-density foam and 4-inch hard foam perimeter. The high-density form helps to provide the support which is needed at the base of the mattress. There is a double fibre pad in the mattress which helps to provide the much needed lumbar support. The height of the mattress is about 14 inches and has a 15-year warranty.


High Density (very firm)

This is another very firm mattress which is a great option. It is a mattress by the Sleep In Mattress. This type of mattress is two-sided. One side of the mattress is euro top, and the other is tight top. If you are looking for an all-foam very firm mattress, then it is an ideal option for you. The High-Density mattress is an all-foam model which has about 8 inches of high-density foam. There is a bamboo infused quilt that is on top of this high-density foam. It is a very form mattress, which is about 9 and a half inches in height.


Simmons Beautyrest

Beautyrest Harmony mattress has brought about a revolution in the world of mattresses by providing support, comfort and cooling together. It has been powered by T1 Pocketed Coil technology. This technology provides extra support in the places where it requires it the most. This coil is placed in the centre of the mattress, which helps to enhance the support system. This mattress has introduced newer comfort technologies, which brings together premium memory foam and charcoal. This provides natural cooling and relief in pressure together. The micro silver and vesicle technologies used in the mattress help to break down and get rid of harmful bacteria. This is not only good for your health but also helps to improve the life of the mattress.

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