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Salt water vs. Chlorine: What is Best for my Pool?

So you’ve finally decided to get the pool of yoru dreams installed in your backyard. You’ve seen the plans and made all of the construction arrangements. But your choices and decisions are far from being over. You will have to choose what rock or brick you want to use around the pool as well as decide on features like diving boards, slides, and pool accessories. One decision some might not consider is the type of water you want to use in the pool. Water in a pool is important for obvious reasons, but the kind of water you have in your pool will greatly effect the upkeep and maintenance you will have to do. The main kinds of water people use in pools are salt water and chlorinated water. Knowing the pros and cons of each is highly recommended before you make your final decision.

Chlorine Water

Chlorine has been used to treat swimming pools for decades and is a great solution for many people. It will keep green algae from building up and keep your water clear. Adding chlorine is very simple. They typically come in small pods that you can drop in the water. It’s recommended that you test the water regularly. This will make sure that the chemical levels in the pool stay at a safe level so it doesn’t irritate swimmer’s skin while in the water. Testing kits are widely available at pool supply stores. It should be on your swimming pool compliance check list.

Chlorine pools can irritate the skin of swimmer’s if they have sensitive skin. Moreover, opening your eyes under water for long periods of time isn’t recommened as it can cause dryness and redness after you finish swimming.

Salt Water

More and more people are turning to salt water for their pools. This salt water is not the same as what you find at the ocean but instead is more of a saline solution. There are many benefits to using salt water in your pool which include:

  • Much more gentle on the skin and eyes
  • Easier to Maintain
  • Softer Water

In salt water pools, the chlorine that keeps the pool clean and clear is taken from the salt (sodium chloride). This produces a much more luxurious, soft water that is easier on the eyes and skin. You can open your eyes underwater with little to no irritation. Maintenance is much easier as you will not need to test as regularly because the salt is better at keeping a balance of its chemical levels. The water that salt produces in pools is soft and will leave your skin feeling soft and rejuvenated. It is all good at restoring moisture to your hair.

There are different equipment set ups for the two types of water. You may want to see what machinery will be needed like pumps, for example, and be sure to note how much space they take up. You may need a dedicated area in your back yard for pool machinery and storage. Asking your local pool specialist is a great way to gain even further information regarding your pool and which water type is best suited for you and your family.











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