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Remodeling Ideas for a Small Kitchen

You don’t need to have a lot of room in your home’s kitchen to remodel it. Visual illusion, layout, and light colors will make your new kitchen feel less cramped and busy.

You can incorporate the ideas you’ve been thinking of using for your humble kitchen with the help of these tips and tricks offered by interior designers.

Choose the right kitchen layout

There are multiple options to choose from when it comes to Choosing A Kitchen Layout. With the variety of kitchen layouts you’re not restricted to only working the traditional prep and cooking kitchen layout, but instead you can change your current kitchen layout to one that suits your lifestyle and your family’s needs.

The one-wall, also known as the Pullman kitchen, is mostly seen in studio apartments, but it can be expanded by adding a kitchen island where your sink, dishwasher, or stove can go.

The galley kitchen, also called the walk-through kitchen, is the perfect layout for a small kitchen and can be found in most small kitchens in apartments and small houses. The parallel countertops facing each other in the galley kitchen layout allows an opportunity to create more room for storage space and cabinets. Consider the L shaped layout if you love cooking a meal with your family as this layout allows the space of your kitchen to be open without eliminating the working areas. The L shaped layout also helps to add a dining table in your kitchen and expand your home more.

If your current kitchen layout is an L shaped kitchen, you might want to think of adding another wall of cabinets and appliances to create a U shaped layout. U shaped layouts allows you to expand your kitchen working area and if you have room, you can add a kitchen island for extra working room and to have room for adding stools to your kitchen.

If you don’t have room for a kitchen island, think of adding a peninsula to your kitchen. A peninsula kitchen is a connected kitchen island and it’s perfect if you have an L shaped layout in your home kitchen. It will form a G shaped layout and the peninsula will allow you to add room for storage and stools to dine on, have breakfast, or do homework with your kids. Whether you always wanted to turn your kitchen layout into a modern one or you need space for an island, it’s important to plan the perfect change by recreating a layout with the help of your current kitchen status.

Don’t be afraid of opening your kitchen

Another option of renovating your small kitchen is by breaking down the walls to create an open kitchen that will make it appear bigger than it is. Getting rid of your upper cabinets and replacing them with shelves and hooks for storage will make your kitchen give the illusion of a wider and taller kitchen. Open storage will also help to give your kitchen a whimsical and professional chef-like kitchen by hanging your fancy pots and pans along the top of your modern open working area. An open kitchen is also a great way to be involved with your family and friends. Instead of feeling claustrophobic while you cook meals, your friends and family will be sitting at the dining room table or on the kitchen stool and they will be able to bond with you during the meal prep.

Trick the eye by using light and the right material

What the eye sees is a lot more important than the actual square footage of your kitchen. The size of the kitchen won’t matter if it’s filled with unnecessary cabinets and the wrongful use of kitchen layout, space, and even color. Use the right material to make your kitchen appear bigger by changing your wood cabinets to glass cabinets that will help expand it through the appearance of the visual objects inside your cabinets.

There are many options on the market for different kinds of glass cabinets, you can use clear glass for everyone to see your beautiful collection of antique china, or frosted glass to hide the cabinets that are less organized in your kitchen. Another option for visual illusion is choosing the right lighting in your kitchen. Set the right atmosphere for your kitchen by placing warm and yellowish lights underneath your top kitchen cabinets, it will increase the ability to see the counters and will eliminate the shadows which will make your kitchen appear much bigger. Hanging kitchen pendant lights will create the feel of higher ceiling in your kitchen while giving it a sophisticated glimmer.

Change your kitchen color and flooring

The main color of your kitchen and the kind of flooring material it’s made out of also impacts whether or not your kitchen will look small. Changing your kitchen wall color to bright and light pastel colors will instantly make it appear wider and taller, but don’t forget your kitchen appliances too! The color of your fridge, dishwasher, microwave, and your stove will have a saying in regard to how your kitchen will look.

Change your appliances if they’re a dark color to a light color such as white or steel. Your kitchen flooring is also a key factor in the renovation process. Use large tiles for small areas in your home to make it less busy and cramped. Look for light colored large tiles such as porcelain tile to extreme durability, and waterproof resistance. Cork is also a great, budget friendly option that offers many colors and designs to choose from. Wood is another popular choice for kitchen flooring. Don’t hesitate to remodel your kitchen with white wood flooring, it will make your kitchen look airier and will create a rustic shabby chic style to your renovated kitchen.

I hope these tips and tricks will help guide your through the renovation task. Remember to always consider ways to not make your kitchen appear chaotic and take advantage of the small bits of space you have in your kitchen.

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