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Poor Water Quality – What Signs Indicate You Have a Problem?

Nobody wants to have poor quality water coming into their homes, it can cause all sorts of health issues and if identified, it must be dealt with immediately. Although some water issues are easy to recognize, some problems can be a little more difficult to spot. This article will highlight some of the main signs to look for when assessing the quality of your water supply.

Cloudy or Colored Water

This one is generally easy to see, if the color of your water is not clear, you may have an issue with mineral content. Higher levels of mineral content tend to make water lose its clear color and give it a murky or cloudy look. It is normal to have some organic minerals in your water but if you have too much, it will affect the quality of your water.

It is best to run the tap for several minutes and if the cloudiness does not go, you will need to have it checked by a professional.

Sulfur Smells

This is a common problem in the US and many homeowners complain of the smell of rotten eggs when they run their tap. If you get this smell while a faucet is running, it is a sure sign that sulfur is present. The most effective way to get rid of this harmful substance is to install sulfur water systems to ensure your water is safe to consume.


If you notice a tint or discoloration in your water, it may need to be assessed to see if it is healthy. Let it run for few minutes and pour the water into a glass. If it has a tint or funny color, it is a sign that there is something in the water and it is unsafe to drink.

Green Stains

When you start to notice a green or blue stain developing around your shower, bathtub or sink, you could have elevated levels of copper in your water supply. The best way to confirm this is to call a professional and have them assess the water and take a sample for testing.

All of these signs indicate that your water is not safe and should not be used by anyone. If you notice any of these symptoms of poor-quality water, have your supply examined and see if it is unhealthy for consumption. If a problem is identified, the best solution is a modern water filtration system for your home.

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