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Keep Your New Pool Safe and in Compliance

Swimming is a great family activity to help keep you and your children active and healthy. Swimming uses all of the muscles in your body, assisting in muscle tone and weight loss. Recently, more children are spending time indoors hovering over their computers and electronics. You may have been contemplating putting a pool in your yard, but do not know what type of pool is best and safest with children.

The Safest Pools

There are many dangers surrounding pools. No pool is safer than the other. Instead, you should consider what pool accessories you will install to ensure that your pool is safe. For example, you should budget for a pool fence. A pool fence creates a physical barrier between your pool and your children, neighbours, and friends. It will physically stop children from entering the pool area where they could drown.


Living in Australia, you must install a pool fence in regulation with Australian Standard AS1926. Your pool will need to be registered and inspected. You will have to prove that you are insured and have all of the proper safety protocols in place. If you do not know the regulations, you can call your local municipality and ask for a list.

Budget for Safety

When you are shopping for a swimming pool, you should budget for the safety regulations. A fence is not cheap. You will need to pay for a fence to meet regulations, locking and swinging gates, and labour costs. You will need to ensure that doorways and windows meet regulations. If a child can access the pool through a nearby window or door, you will also have to install child prevention safety gates or reinforcements.

An alarm system will add extra safety measures. If for any reason someone gains access to your pool on purpose or accident, an alarm system will notify you if someone has entered the pool area. There are relatively cheap underwater alarms online. Underwater alarms use motion sensors to detect activity. They will alert you the minute that someone jumps or falls into the pool.

Keep Your Pool Safe

It is your responsibility to supervise children at all times around your pool. Regulations require you to have insurance, but in the end, it is very easy for a child to drown. You will want to purchase life jacket devices for young children. Safety kits and rescue equipment add extra safety measures.


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