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Great Ways To Quickly Improve The Value Of Your Property

As property prices across the UK continue to rise, a greater number of homeowners are looking to sell their homes. This, coupled with a post-pandemic culture of location reevaluation, whereby estate agents are seeing a greater demand for properties in rural areas, there is a new and intense competition among buyers that is further driving up prices.

During this market saturation, those interested in selling their properties are looking to gain the most out of their investment by adding last-minute flourishes that both improve value while simultaneously setting them above neighbourhood competition. Thankfully, for their endeavour, there are a number of ways in which a property can be made more appealing in a short amount of time and with little cost.

To show you how, we’ve collected some of the best examples of property designs and additions that quickly improve the value of a home.

Modern Sockets

The electrical infrastructure of a house persists as one of the most scrutinised assets of a home. Low-quality or aged wiring can lead to significant costs relatively quickly. While rewiring your entire home and refreshing its core utility might be out of the question, small changes can be made to modernise its points of interaction, namely chargers.

Replacing plugs and adding features such as USB and micro-USB sockets can increase a home’s appeal, making it seem forward-thinking and practical.

External Building

A garden can be both a blessing and a curse among sellers, which is why many seek to minimise its imposition among the house and present it with as little allusion to maintenance as possible. This leads some to purchase log cabins and summer houses, both of which reduce the upkeep a garden requires and expand the potential indoor floor space of a home.

Pressure Wash

The ageing of a home, certainly its exterior, happens so gradually that it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish. This is why there is great reverence around pressure washers, since they so quickly and intensely return a home to its former pristine condition that it reveals how tarnished they had become. Hiring a pressure washer is a small cost, one that will benefit your home viewings and subsequent interest greatly.

Fresh Lamps

Light is one of the most influential design factors within a home and dark homes, as well as those accentuated with shadows, tend to be seen with less favour than brighter alternatives. As such, a home’s lighting, from its windows to its lampshades, should be made as appealing as possible. While windows are somewhat difficult to change, simply swapping out a lampshade can be a low-cost purchase that ultimately changes how a room is perceived.

Clear Out

You may take great confidence in your home’s decor, trusting a keen eye for design. To most viewers and potential buyers, however, space will always be a more sought after asset. Warming images of family and friends do little except prevent potential buyers from seeing themselves at home there. As such, before you open your doors to the market, be sure to clean out as much as possible, keeping only the core items essential to your home’s integrity.

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