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Few Things to Know About Top Dressing of Lawn

Often after taking the best care of your lawn, you may find that your lawn condition is worsening or not showing up the results that you expected. During spring season, though it may look good but as the summer comes your lawn condition becomes very bad.

You may find fungus, weeds and grubs attacking your lawn, and hence during the winter months you must call any topdresser to do necessary dressing of your lawn and along with over seeding and core aerating, you can improve its condition.

Let us try to know in this small write up about top dressing and its few advantages for our lawn.

What is top dressing of lawn?

Top dressing is a kind of process where a thin metal layer that consists of sand and compost are spread all over the lawn, or some parts of your lawn.

Such layer will be around ¼ inch and is actually meant for amending the soil of the lawn while allowing the existing grass to grow through top dressing material.

However, it will be important that you must be clear that while top dressing the lawn, you should not prefer to cover the lawn in thick layer which can suffocate it.

Instead of that, you must look for improving the conditions of soil for your present lawn while providing good environment, so that new seed can get germinated.

What are the advantages of top dressing?

Following are few advantages of top dressing of your lawn:

  • Improves your soil

Top dressing will add nutrients to the lawn organically and also can improve the drainage.

  • Breaks down thatch

Top dressing material will help to break down the entire thatch layer present in the lawn.

  • Levels your lawn

In case if you have got areas of the lawn which are bumpy, then top dressing can be great way of smoothing out all these areas.

  • Can help seed to germinate

If you are over seeding your lawn, then top dressing can allow seed, in making direct contact with the soil which will be best for germination.

  • Can help to renovate distressed lawn

In case, there are any bare spots available in the lawn, or if the lawn is getting crowded out due to weeds, then top dressing will be your best bet to correct soil conditions and also incorporating new seed.

When top dressing is done after the core aerating, then it can be even more effective.

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