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Comprehensive Airbnb Rental Property Management Solutions from a Single Provider

If you own a rental property and would like to find a suitable company to manage things, you will be happy to learn that there are specialised Airbnb property management companies that are equipped to provide a comprehensive management service. Here are just a few of the services that an Airbnb property management company would provide.

  • Create & Maintain your Airbnb Account – If you are not so IT proficient, that is not an issue, as the property management company creates and maintains your Airbnb account. They would upload professional images and a written description of the property, making sure that your property is presented in a professional manner.
  • Maximise your Exposure – When you enlist the help of a leading Airbnb property management company such as HomeHost, your property is listed on Airbnb, Expedia, Booking.com, HomeAway and TripAdvisor. This maximises the chance of attracting short-term guests, listing your property on all the best digital platforms and any queries are promptly serviced, thanks to a team of specialists who manage the accounts.
  • Screening Potential Guests – The property management company would screen all potential guests to ensure that only responsible people are allowed to rent the property.
  • Clean & Replenish – Of course, your rental property must be cleaned and essential bathroom items replenished, something the property management company would handle on your behalf. This includes clean towels and bed linen, plus any other essentials you would like your guests to enjoy.
  • Arrival & Departure – It is important that your guests are met at the property, which the management provider takes care of, and when the guest is ready to vacate the property, the management representative would inspect the property prior to the guest’s departure, thus ending the rental agreement.
  • Building Maintenance – Your rental property needs to be inspected at regular intervals and any maintenance quickly carried out, and this is something the property management company would take on. Of course, you would be kept up to date on the condition of your property and all remedial work would first require your approval.
  • Round the Clock Support – When you entrust the care of your rental property to a management company, they are always at hand, ready to help in any way they can. Should your guests ever require attention, they have a number they can call.

As a property owner, you have round-the-clock access to your account, all you need is a digital device and an Internet connection, and with your management partner handling every aspect, you are free to enjoy life.

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