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Choosing The Best Ant Killer For Lawns

Many people face a common problem during the summer: an ant invasion in their lawns. Ants can damage plants, ruin flowers, be a nuisance around the patio or pool area and infest the soil. The best way to rid ants from your yard is by using an outdoor ant killer. Outdoor ant killers for lawns are available at most home improvement centers, nurseries, and grocery stores. While there are several options for choosing what type of product you want to use, not all products work equally well against all kinds of ants.

As the weather changes and the summer approaches, many people may want to apply a product to kill ants in their lawns. Using an outdoor ant killer is a quick and easy way to get rid of these pestiferous insects so that they cannot do any more damage or annoy you with their presence. If you have children, pets, or other animals in your home, it is best to choose a product that will not be harmful if ingested. This article will provide information on what types of products are available and choose the best ant killer for yards for your specific needs.

Choosing The Best Treatment Method For Killing Ants In Lawn And Garden Area

To prevent further infestation from ants, you should also take steps to make your home less inviting to ants and other insects. The best way to keep ants out of your garden and lawn is by creating a barrier around the affected areas.

Protect Your Lawn And Garden From Outdoor Ants By Creating A Natural Barrier Around Entire Area

Choosing The Best Ant Killer Type For Lawn And Garden Area

Another method of preventing ants from destroying your yard and garden is using a granule-type outdoor insecticide. Granules can be spread across your landscape and provide immediate results in killing any ants that come into contact with it. You should use approximately two tablespoons of product for every one hundred square feet of soil or vegetation where you want to treat ants. Be sure to follow the directions on the package label regarding how much product you need to use based upon the area you want to protect.

When To Use Liquid Outdoor Ant Killer Versus Granules In Your Yard Or Landscape

Once applied, it is best not to use water or lawn equipment for four days. This will allow the product to remain on top of the soil, where the ants can pick up and carry it back to their nest, where they will share it with other members of their colony. Once other ants consume this insecticide, they die within twenty-four hours, saving your yard from further damage.

Granules should be used if you want immediate results after applying an outdoor ant killer for lawns. These products also provide more extended protection than liquid versions but should only be applied once every few months as needed. You should always ensure that children or pets cannot contact these granule treatments by keeping them out of the area where you have ants.

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