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Attic Insulation: Know Everything Before Use

Want to know how to insulate your attic properly? The answer depends on how you define the term “best.” When it comes to insulating an attic, the most cost-efficient method is not usually the most effective. Attic insulation Toronto is available in several forms: cellulose, fiberglass batts, loose-fill fiberglass insulation, and spray foam. The great majority of installations are made from these four materials. Below, the word “R-value” refers to a material’s capacity to resist heat transfer in “per-inch” units. The greater the number, the better it is for the business.


Insulating your attic might cost around $1800 to $2100, depending on the level of insulation you choose. The following are the key elements that affect the cost:

  • The insulation’s kind and composition
  • Insulation installer’s or Contractor’s charge
  • You may also require the assistance of an electrician if you need to insulate around electrical boxes or wires.

Begin with the Attic Floor

Don’t use your attic for storage. As it is a simple and inexpensive method of insulating an attic is by adding a layer of insulation to the floor of the attic. In hotter areas, you can’t put enough insulation under a floor to get the desired results if it is not a plywood-covered floor.

You’ll need to remove the flooring and install a fresh layer of insulation on top. There will be no place to store your off-season clothes and holiday décor now as the floor has been removed from your home.

Choose the right material

Now it’s time to choose the right material for your attic. There are numerous types and forms of attic available in the market like cellulose, fiberglass batts,  loose-fill fiberglass insulation, and spray foam. If you are not sure which one is best for you, you may take advice from an instructor.

Get Rid of the Bad Stuff

Inspect the attic insulation with a tape measure and a flashlight to determine its kind and depth. Utilize the values in the chart for estimating the R-value of a given system. Any material that is crushed, water discolored, or moldy should be removed and thrown away.

How much insulation should you buy?

Measuring the square footage of your attic is important. Check the label of each bag in loose fill to determine the required depths for a variety of R-values and the number of bags covering around 1,000 square feet at each depth. Calculate the quantity based on the width and length of the product you’re using for batts and rolls. Do not run out of bags or rolls when you are almost finished putting everything in.

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