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Asbestos Removal – Is it an Expensive Project?

If you need asbestos removed from a property, whether domestic or commercial, it is best to consider a professional. Asbestos is a dangerous substance that can cause a lot of problems if not removed with care and expertise. The only way to find how much an asbestos removal project will cost is to schedule a site visit.

Pricing a Project

Finding asbestos removal services in Perth is easy, there is plenty of good companies online who specialise in commercial and residential services. Asbestos removal costs are formulated using several variables, some of which include:

  • Type of project
  • Location
  • Obstacles
  • Amount to be removed

You will only get an accurate price when you schedule an on-site evaluation, do not trust any organisation that gives you a quote over the phone. Do not just settle for a single assessment, contact several companies in your area and then compare the prices they provide.


When it comes to evaluating the cost of an asbestos removal project, accessibility is a major factor. Issues like high locations, steep roofs, and serious obstructions will make the job more labour intensive, the more work the company must do, the higher the cost. If you think you may have some of these problems, send pictures to the contractors and see what kind of quote they can offer. When you send images, you may be able to get a better price as the contractor won’t have to spend time assessing these areas.

Importance of Removal

If you are worried about the cost of removal, you may be thinking that it is better to leave it instead of paying a price to get rid of the asbestos. This isn’t the right thing to do, asbestos isn’t something you want lying around the house or in a commercial premise. The only time to leave asbestos is when it is completely contained and there is no chance of any fibres becoming loose. You can paint over asbestos items to make them safer. For peace of mind, it is better to remove it completely.

The best way to find out about asbestos removal prices is to contact a few reputable companies in your area to find out what they charge. The only you will get an accurate assessment is when you schedule an on-site evaluation. This way the company will get to see your property in person, making it easier for them to give a quotation.

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