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9 Amazing Fridge Hacks Every Homeowner Must Know

Even if you boast of having a super maintained and perfect kitchen, fridges can be the most neglected part of this rule. Food doesn’t care if you keep a well maintained house or not. Food can be spilled, expire, or rot, no matter if you want it to or not, and fridges are the ultimate source where it may happen. So, how to make the most of this chilly territory of meselectros.com fisher and paykel and fulfil every homeowner’s dream of organizing the fridge? Let this article enlighten you.

  • Freezers can quickly become a tricky territory to work on. Eliminate all the unwanted frozen mess and make the use of magazine holders for creating DIY freezer shelves.
  • Fruits and veggies can easily be squashed and lost in the bottom drawer of your fridge. Always keep things organized by keeping a basket or two in your fruits and veggies drawer.
  • Are you frustrated with squeezing your condiments with so many efforts or hitting your ketchup bottle over the head too many times? You can save all the hassles by storing the condiments upside down in an empty egg carton.
  • Everything goes easy by placing a Lazy Susan, and the same goes on the fridges as well. You can keep the items easily within reach by placing a Lazy Susan in your icebox.
  • Fridges can store wasteful stuff as forgotten food for so long. For catching the perishable items before they can expire, you can put the forgotten or expired food in the ‘Eat me first’ box. Apart from reducing food wastage, you can also save a lot of money in the long run.
  • For creating more space and make the most of the open space in your freezer, you can clip the opened bags below a shelf for a well organized icebox.

  • If you are frustrated with the visual clutter in your fridge, you can distribute the condiments into identical squeeze bottles for keeping the look consistent in the fridge shelves.
  • Nothing is worse than a messy fridge spill, where the sticky mess can cause tricky and awkward cleanup session. You can save all the hassles by covering the fridge shelves with plastic wrap.
  • If you want a fast smoothie or a cereal station, you can paste the magnets on the bottom of the reusable containers and then stick them to the side of your fridge.

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